Boho Floral Summertime (Large Scale)

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We decided to add a "Summertime" version of our most popular Boho Floral Pattern! This is a mix of golden, purple, and pink hues on a muted blue background. So dreamy!

This pattern features an AB repeat, which means the pattern repeats every other panel (52 inches wide).  So for instance when you select quantity of 1 you will get two panels(panel A and panel B).  Together panel A and B are 52 inches wide.  

For example:

--If your wall is 104" wide, you would need to select a quantity of 2 (that would give you 4 panels total). 

--If your wall is 156" wide, you would need to select a quantity of 3(that would give you 6 panels total).

Our wallpaper is self-adhesive and removable material that is made in the U.S.A. and is environmentally conscious and safe. Our ink is water-based, long lasting and is also 100% non-toxic.

Simply peel away the backing of the paper, press the 'sticky' side onto your surface and need for messy glues or adhesives. We find that this paper works best on smooth surfaces.

This item is printed-to-order.

This sample will measure approximately 26x26 inches.  It is intended to aid in purchase decisions and represent the final print however it does not contain all aspects of the design.  When you purchase a sample, you will only receive 1.