Fun patterns like this one from Carter+Main ooze opulence and tropical vibes. They were clearly inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotels famous Banana Leaf Wallpaper and were able to sprinkle in an animal print.


“What is more glamorous than black and white flooring, banana leaf patterned walls, and bamboo furniture?” says Carleton Varney, president/owner Dorothy Draper & Co. in Palm Beach, Florida



How would you style a space with a Tropical pattern? The prints are typically busy on their own, but you can go to both extremes when decorating. You can either keep your accessories minimal and let the focus be your carefully curated print, OR you can go big and mix patterns and finishes. 


Another fun example of Tropics is the Jungle Leopard and the Flamingos from Carter+Main. By far, two of their most popular prints, so we are able to see the upswing in tropical inspiration coming from shoppers. More is more when it comes to this style. It can be depicted as vintage, referencing the Beverly Hills Hotel piece, or it can easily be made modern or abstract by cutting back on the color of the print. Do not be scared of this style! Tropics can instantly take you on a vacation or bring you back to the Golden Age. 


If you are looking for something Tropical, but a little more subdued, then the perfect choice would be the simple 'Palm Springs' pattern featured below.

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