3 Favorite Styles of 2021

3 Favorite Styles of 2021

Transporting made easy.  

Have you ever wanted to completely transform your  home and kick it back to a different era of design? With this removable wallpaper, you can make that happen in roughly 1 hour! 

Here are some of our recommendations..


Art Deco seems to be  one of the styles that will never go out. It is a fun take on a popular design style of the 1920s and '30s and is characterized by sleek geometric forms. The perception is both masculine and feminine, which is one the reasons why this works well in all homes. The ‘Art Deco Ostrich’ is the perfect example of this infamous style.


 The photo above was sent in by a C+M customer, showing her creative use of our Art Deco Drama pattern. Wallpaper is not just for walls!


We love this usage of our first pattern, the ‘Tropical Flamingo’. Covering this entire bathroom wall makes a bold statement, showing that you can take your boring bathroom, straight to the Tropics, any time!


Since becoming one of our most popular patterns, the ‘Banana Leaf Dalmatian’ takes the inspiration of the Beverly Hills Hotel, and mixes with the exotics of the animal print, to make this perfect, dreamy combo.




Nothing says ‘Minimalistic’ like neutral tones, and timeless elements. Avoiding excess, this style is perfect for those of us starting on our design journey, trying to keep it simple. The ‘Crane Flight’ pattern is perfect for those trying to keep it simple in a small space. The muted blues, pinks and greens is the quintessential blend of color for any minimalists dream space. 


Even the most minimal bird pattern too much for you? You cannot go wrong with the ‘White Brick’ pattern. It is the perfect neutral for when you are just wanting to add texture to a boring white wall. This pattern can also work with the Industrial style, whether you are wanting to recreate a loft-inspo or even starting out on your Farmhouse journey!



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